iPhone and iPad software

Enduro Live is an app for Live timing of the FIM MAXXIS Enduro World Championship (EWC) promoted by ABC Com.

I have to greatly thank
Infomega which realizes the Live Timing of the EWC for providing me real-time datas.

Launching the app , the official news of the ABC website appears :


Switching to next tab, "Entry list" gives the riders running the GP :


You can list by number (or category, this is the same) or by rider name :


"Special Test" tab gives you the list of ST that are already started.
This list gives you also the name of the ST and the last update time :


Tap on a Special to see details :


You can jump directly to a category :


By tapping on the tilte "ST nn" you switch to Overall view :


And tapping again on the title (on “Overall STnn”) you go back to ST view.

To switch to another Special Test, you have 2 possibilities :

1- go back to "ST List" and choose another ST
2- swipe left to view next ST or swipe right to view previous ST

At the end of the Stage (end of the day) Final results will appear :


You can get the details of each ST :
(in the above example, Stage 2 began with ST02)


In "More..." tab you have the Calendar of the current season
("Final Stage 1" entry appears in this menu only if Stage 2 is started)


You got many informations for the GP :

- the location of the GP which (you can open in "Maps"),
- the date,
- the local time,
- if woman are running this GP,
- a link to organization
- and results if GP has already taken place.


Enduro Live updates results every minute if needed. But if you are aborad you have the possibility of minimizing the
datas downloading by increasing the update interval.