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Vide512Enduro Live is the official App for Live Timing of the FIM MAXXIS Enduro World Championship (EWC).

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Vide512Enduro Live 2.3 : released on 29th June 2015.
Vide512Vide512fix bug about background color of rider numbers (categories E2 and E3).

Vide512Enduro Live 2.2 : released on 02nd June 2015.

Vide512Enduro Live 2.1 : released on 06 September 2014.

Vide512Enduro Live 2.0 : released on 25th March 2014.
Vide512Vide512Adaptation to iOS 7 flat design

Vide512Notes about the crash during second day of GP of Greece (22-23 Jun 2013) :
Vide512Vide512The app was crashing during the second day of GP of Greece. This was not due to a problem of the
Vide512Vide512app. A file was missing on the website providing the timing datas. The app was working well during
Vide512Vide512the the next GP (France) without new delivery.

Vide512Enduro Live 1.5 : released on 28th May 2013.
Vide512Vide512Move “Reset datas” from “Settings” to “More ..."
Vide512Vide512Finally found the bug of ST Classification with two first riders, two second riders, etc !

Vide512Enduro Live 1.4.2 : released on 03rd May 2013.
Vide512Vide512fix a minor cosmetic problem with a logo (confusion GasGas and Gas-Gas)

Vide512Enduro Live 1.4.1 : released on 18th April 2013.
Vide512Vide512minor cosmetic changes asked by the promoter

Vide512Enduro Live 1.4 : released on 22nd March 2013.
Vide512Vide512fix a minor bug in Overall Display and in Standings, one more :-(

Vide512Enduro Live 1.3 : released on 1st March 2013.
Vide512Vide512• adapted for iPhone 5
Vide512Vide512• updated with 2013 Calendar
Vide512Vide512fix a minor bug in Standings

Vide512Enduro Live 1.2 : released on 1st May 2012.
Vide512Vide512• Cumulative Time of Special Test is now displayed on “ST nn” and “Overall” views.
Vide512Vide512 It was expressly requested by the paddock !
Vide512Vide512New view added : World Championship Standings
Vide512Vide512 Archived results of previous GP are now accessible (via Calendar)
Vide512Vide512 More practice “Categ” button : jump to next non-visible category
Vide512Vide512 Fix some bugs

Vide512Enduro Live 1.1 : released on 23 March 2012.
Vide512Vide512• some minor changes about UI (to avoid truncated GP name in title for example)
Vide512Vide512now 5 choices for sort order in Entry List

Vide512Enduro Live 1.0 : released on 14 March 2012